IT Support

For help & advice please email the IT department at

Or call on +44 (0) 1865 274629


How to connect a printer

  • Click on the start button then click on Printers and Faxes
  • From the Printer Tasks list on the left hand side, select add a printer
  • Press the Next button
  •  Ensure “A network printer…” option is selected and the press Next
  • Ensure “Find a printer in the directory” option is selected and press Next
  • A “Find Printers” window will appear, click on Find Now
  • A list of available printers appears in the bottom half of the window. Double click on the printer you want and then select Finish


By using any computer equipment within the School, members of the School and encompassing Institutions, including academic visitors, are agreeing to abide by both the University's Rules for Computer Use and any School of Anthropology Rules.

It is prohibited to run any software not authorized by IT Support (this would include portable apps), change/move any of the hardware or let other users have your credentials.

Personal Laptops

Personal laptops may be used within the School subject to the following conditions:

  • Connections to the Internet may only be performed wirelessly using the University’s Wireless Networking (OWL) system.
  • It is prohibited to plug directly into the departmental network using a network cable.
  • Anti-virus is installed and up-to-date along with operating system patches.
  • No illegally licensed software or peer-to-peer software is installed. 


All workstations are purchased through IT Support. All new workstations are Windows 7 with approved and licensed software already installed by IT Support.

All have Office 2007/2010, the latest version of Adobe Reader, PDF converter Pro and Sophos. These are updated automatically by IT Support.

If requested, SPSS, NVivo and EndNote can be installed under our University licensing.

DreamWeaver, PaintShop Pro, STATA, Adobe Professional, Microsoft Project and MapInfo are all installed when the user purchases a licence.

Any non standard software MUST be tested by IT initially.  No personal software will be installed on School owned machines.

Apple Macs

All new Macintosh computers are purchased through IT.  All new Macs are OSX.  Updates are applied manually.  All have Microsoft Office and Sophos installed

If requested, SPSS and EndNote can be installed under our University licencing.

Student Computer Rooms

A suite of 7 PCs and 1 mac is available for student use. It is located in the basement of 43 Banbury Rd.  There is also another room for use.  Both have access to wireless through OWL and Eduroam.

Office 2010, Endnote, NVivo 9 & SPSS are available on all PCs

Stata is available on workstations 5 & 6

No workstations or desk in these rooms are assigned to specific individuals and are available for use by any ISCA or ICEA students.

Student Printing

Printing is available within the student computer room

There is a printing charge of 3p per printed side.

You will be able to purchase your printing credits in units of £1 and these can be purchased from the graduate office during opening times

(Mon - Thur, 2-5pm and Friday 2-4pm).


You can check your balance by placing your cursor over the £ icon on the bottom right of your screen

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