Professor Stanley Ulijaszek



+44 (0)1865 274692

Teaching and research interests

Papua New Guinea and the Pacific, nutritional anthropology, human ecology

Stanley Ulijaszek MA (Oxford), MA (Cambridge), BSc (Manchester), MSc, PhD (London). Stanley Ulijaszek is a nutritional anthropologist whose work centres on the evolutionary basis for, and cultural diversity in, nutritional health. This includes both undernutrition and obesity, and the diseases associated with them. He has carried out research in India, Nepal, Sarawak, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, the Cook Islands, Poland and Australia. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Human Comparative Biology (Homo) and he is Director of the Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity (

Link to some publications.


DPhil students:

Tess Bird
Alice Carrington-White
Michelle Pentecost
Darryl Stellmach
Melanie Wenger

Past students:

Nadine Levin
Adam Gilbertson
Marisa Macari
Amy McLennan
Devi Sridhar

Useful links:

You can download and listen to podcasts by Stanley Ulijaszek on iTunes U here
The Unit for Biocultural and Variation and Obesity (UBVO)

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