To listen to four students on different taught Master's degrees (Social Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, and Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology) discussing what it's like to study in Oxford, please click here.

This map illustrates where many of our current students are conducting their  research across the globe and the full range of topics that they have selected.

  • The one-year M.Sc. degree combines social and bio-anthropological approaches to the study of health and healing in diverse societies and cultures. The two-year M.Phil degree consolidates this knowledge through intensive training in anthropological research methods.

  • There are two master’s courses in Social Anthropology: the one-year M.Sc. and the two-year M.Phil. These share a common foundational period of nine months’ course work in the first year. These courses are open to any well-qualified graduate, even people with no prior qualification in anthropology.

  • The MSc/MPhil programme in Visual, Material, and Museum Anthropology consolidates long-standing graduate degree programmes in Material Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (MAME) and Visual Anthropology (VA), recognizing the intellectual and empirical links between these areas of anthropological enquiry.

  • The University of Oxford's Institute for Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology hosts a 1-year MSc degree in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology. The degree programme explores human thought, behaviour, and culture from the perspectives of the evolutionary and cognitive sciences.

  • The MSc in Migration Studies is a 9-month interdisciplinary degree offered jointly by the School of Anthropology and the Department for International Development.

  • Students are admitted either as Probationer Research Students (PRS) or as full D.Phil. students, the latter usually only after the successful completion of a relevant Masters programme, such as the M.Phil. in Social Anthropology, Material Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, Medical Anthropology.

Undergraduate Degrees

We offer Undergraduate courses as well as Graduate.

Archaeology & Anthropology BA

Drawing on well over a century of experience in teaching and research, outstanding museum and library resources and the cumulative knowledge of literally dozens of academics, Oxford’s Arch & Anth course offers a comprehensive guide to the richness and diversity of human cultural experience throughout space and time.

More information here.

Human Sciences BA

By the end of your three years Human Sciences BA you will have a thorough grounding in the following subject areas which make up the core of the Human Sciences degree:

  • Behaviour and how it evolves
  • Human genetics
  • Humans and their environment
  • Demography
  • Humans in their social and cultural context

Learn more about the Human Sciences BA

An anthropologist at work - performing the Scripture reading at a wedding (Nagaland, India) (Iliyana Angelova 2012)

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