Medical Anthropology

The one-year MSc degree in Medical Anthropology is a conversion course, which provides extensive teaching that combines social and bio-anthropological approaches to the study of health and healing in diverse societies and cultures (3 papers and one option paper).  

The two-year MPhil degree in Medical Anthropology is a research degree that consolidates the knowledge acquired in the first year through intensive training in anthropological research methods and immersion in a one year-long research project. It is undertaken independently by the student on a topic of their choice but with guidance by senior staff in individual supervisions.  

The Master’s courses provide graduates from diverse disciplinary backgrounds with the necessary basis to go on to further research and teaching in anthropology, but many graduates also decide to pursue healthcare-related careers. There is a single doctoral degree, the DPhil in Anthropology, offered by the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography. For further information, please visit:


"Life enfolded: two caring hands"
Makonde sculpture in ebony
(East Africa, circa 1970)
Courtesy of David Parkin

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