ArgO-EMR: Anthropology Research Group Oxford on Eastern Medicines and Religions

The Anthropology Research Group at Oxford on Eastern Medicines and Religions (ArgO-EMR) promotes ethnographic research by students and scholars who are interested in the anthropology of Eastern medicines and religions. ArgO-EMR emphasizes long-term fieldwork and local language competencies. It investigates the ways medical and religious knowledge and practice are embedded within their ecologies and histories.

Eastern medicines and religions have family resemblances; while each is specific to the cultural context in which it is practised, they are often studied in isolation by separate research institutions and environments. ArgO-EMR therefore aims to offer a meeting ground for researchers who already have experience with, or wish to engage in, the study of Eastern medicines and religions across geographical areas and theoretical perspectives. It holds a fortnightly seminar, a fortnightly reading group, and an annual international workshop.

The current visiting scholars are Dr Mingjkyi Cuomu, senior researcher on an ERC project led by Dr Stephan Kloos at the Academy of Social Sciences in Vienna, and Professor Xiao Bingkun from the Southwest China University of Nationalities in Sichuan.

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