Betwixt and between being at home: Migrants’ domestic possessions

Possessions participate in creation of our multiple identities. Home-country possessions are especially important for migrants’ identity and home (re)creation. I wanted to understand what specific roles migrants’ domestic possessions have in their new homebuilding. Therefore, I analyzed narratives among women transnational migrants living in Belgrade. According to my study, some objects serve either for “home reproduction” or “home making” (Pérez Murcia and Boccagni 2022). However, everyday normality among several transnational migrants consists of being detached from material home-country objects. In these examples, the deliberate absence of important home-country objects does not disrupt their sense of being at home.

This seminar was originally scheduled to take place in MIchaelmas 2022.

Pitt Rivers Museum Research Seminar in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology, Hilary 2023

Fridays, 12pm-1.30pm (Weeks 1-8)

ONLINE via MS Teams 

Convened by Charlotte Linton and Christopher Morton