Dr Kaveri Qureshi

Kaveri Qurashi

Research Associate


PhD London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 2003-2007
Research Fellow at the Department of Anthropology, Sussex, 2008-2011
Associate Editor at Anthropology & Medicine 2011+
Research Fellow at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Oxford, 2011-2016
Associate Professor at the Lahore University of Management Sciences 2017
Research Associate at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Oxford, 2017+

Research interests

I have worked on the South Asian diaspora in the United Kingdom and both sides of the border in Punjab. As a Research Fellow at the University of Sussex, I worked with Filippo Osella and Ben Rogaly on South Asian migration, transnationalism and diaspora in the United Kingdom and published wide-rangingly on these areas. My principal research interests are however linked to medical anthropology. My doctoral research was a study of chronic illness in the Pakistani labour diaspora, which led on to research on mental illness in the context of marital instability. My current interests focus on reproduction, which has led to collaborative projects on generational change in reproductive cultures and on infant feeding. Through the Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group at Oxford, I am involved in collaborative research on the anthropological demography of health.


I have taught on or convened courses on the anthropology of migration, medical anthropology, fertility and reproduction, gender and health and research design. I am supervising the doctoral research of Elo Luik at ISCA, and Punita Chowbey at Sheffield Hallam, as an external supervisor.


(2018) Chronic Illness in a Pakistani Labour Diaspora, Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press

(2016) Marital Breakdown among British Asians: Conjugality, Legal Pluralism and New Kinship, London: Palgrave, shortlisted for the 2017 BSA Philip Abrams Memorial Prize

Co-edited books and special issues

(2017) co-edited with E. Rahman. Infant Feeding: Medicalization, Normalization and Techniques of the Body', special issue of Women’s Studies International Forum

(2016) co-edited with S Pooley. Parenthood between Generations: Transforming Reproductive Cultures, Oxford: Berghahn

Journal articles

(2017) with A Qureshi and Z Khawaja. ‘Where there is no weighing scale: Newborn nourishment and care in Pakistani Punjab’ Women's Studies International Forum, 60.

(2017) with B Rogaly. ‘That’s where my perception of it all was shattered’: Oral histories and moral geographies of food sector workers in an English city region. Geoforum, 78: 189-198.

(2016) ‘Shehri (city) brides between Indian Punjab and the UK: transnational hypergamy, Sikh women’s agency and gendered geographies of power’, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 42(7): 1216-28.

(2014) with K Charsley and A Shaw. ‘Marital instability among British Pakistanis: transnationalism, conjugality and Islam’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 37(2): 361-79

(2014) with S Salway, P Chowbey and L Platt. ‘Long-term ill health and the social embeddedness of work: a study in a post-industrial and multi-ethnic locality in the UK’, Sociology of Health and Illness, 36(7): 955-67

(2014) ‘Sending children to school “back home”: multiple moralities of Punjabi Sikh parents in Britain’, Journal of Moral Education 2(3): 213-226

(2014) ‘Culture shock on Southall Broadway: re-thinking second-generation return through geographies of Punjabiness’, South Asian Diaspora 6(2): 161-71 and republished by Routledge

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(2012) ‘Pakistani labour migration and masculinity: industrial work, the body and transnationalism’, Global Networks, 12(4): 485-504

(2010) ‘Sickness, dreams and moral selfhood among migrant Pakistani Muslims’, Anthropology & Medicine, 17(3): 277-87

(2009) with S Salway ‘Long-term ill-health, ethnicity and poverty’, Ethnic Inequalities in Health and Social Care 2(3): 38-49

(2008) with L Platt, S Chowbey and P Chowbey. ‘Ill-health in the family: the intersection of employment and caring across households from four ethnic groups containing an adult with a long-term health condition’, Benefits: The Journal of Social Justice 16(1): 33-45

(2007) with S Salway, L Platt and P Chowbey. ‘Chronic illness and sickness-related benefits: exploring ethnic differences and similarities in access’, Sociology of Health and Illness, 29(6): 907-930 and republished by Routledge

Book chapters

(2017) ‘Transnational families’, pp.256-8 in K Jacobsen, G Mann, K Myrvold and E Nesbitt (eds) Encyclopaedia of Sikhism, Leiden: Brill

(2016) ‘First-time parenthood among migrant Pakistanis: gender and generation in the postpartum period’, pp.160-80 in K Qureshi and S Pooley (eds) Parenthood between generations: transforming reproductive cultures, Oxford: Berghahn

(2015) ‘Migration, belonging and the body that births: Pakistani women in Britain’, pp.14-32 in M Unnithan and S Khanna (eds) The cultural politics of reproduction: migration, health, and family making, Oxford: Berghahn

(2015) ‘Beyond code-switching: young Punjabi Sikhs in Britain’, forthcoming in K Myrvold and K Jacobsen (eds) Young Sikhs in a global world, Aldershot: Ashgate

(2015) ‘Sending children ‘back home’ for their (mis)education’, pp.281-295 in S Irudaya Rajan, VJ Varghese and A Nanda (eds) Migrations, mobility and multiple affiliations: Punjabis in a transnational world, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 

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(2017) ‘Divorce in the Pakistani diaspora

(2016) ‘Samina leaves home

(2016) with S Pooley. ‘Does the state alter what it means to be a parent?

(2016) with S Pooley. ‘Is it inevitable you’ll turn into your mother?

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