Megan Jefferies

Megan Jefferies

DPhil, Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology

Hertford College

Research: Broadly, I am interested in an interdisciplinary approach to the study of social bonding. In the past, I’ve completed ethnographic fieldwork at an archaeological dig  in Italy, where I used participant-observation and semi-structured interviews to explore social bonding among students. For my DPhil, I will explore social bonding and physical activity in children. Specifically, I am interested in the effects of physical exertion (intensity) and enjoyment on social bonding and social isolation/exclusion in children. It has been suggested from studies in adults that physical and psychological benefits gained from physical activity are intensity-dependent, however few studies have investigated these effects in children. In the developmental literature, it has been established that children enjoy physical activity more in the company of their friends, however social effects remain under investigated. I seek to fill these gaps by conducting controlled lab experiments in order to identify the effects of intensity and enjoyment on social bonding and social isolation/exclusion among children.



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