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Yves Charbit

Research Affiliate

I was trained in Paris and Oxford. BA in sociology (Sorbonne), MA in economics (Faculty of law and economics), Diploma of  Political Sciences (Sciences Po Paris), D.Phil Oxford, Doctorat d’Etat ès-Lettres (Sorbonne).

A Senior research fellow from 1972 to 1988 at the French National Demographic Institute (INED), I was enrolled as professor of demography at the University Paris Descartes, where I held various positions both at the Faculty and the University level, notably President of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (1990-1999, 2008-2013).

Throughout these years, I directed research units, among which the Centre Population et Développement (CEPED), which I created and headed from 2008 to 2014. CEPED is a joint venture of the University Paris Descartes, the French National Demographic Institute (INED) and the Institute for Research on Development (IRD). When I retired, CEPED had 40 permanent researchers, 54 Ph.D students, 22 French and foreign associate members, and 6 support staff.

Currently Professor emeritus of demography at the University Paris Descartes (2014-), I am also Director of the Institut pour le Développement et la Solidarité Internationale(2008-). This Interdisciplinary University Institute functions as a network of six research units belonging to various Faculties of the University Paris Descartes (Medecine, Mathematics, Law, Pharmacy).

A specialist in population and development issues, especially in Africa, I have published 22 books and 62 peer-reviewed articles in the fields of international migrations, family patterns and nuptiality, reproductive health, but also in past theories and doctrines of population, emphasising interdisciplinary concepts and field methods. I have done research in Cambodia, the Caribbean, Djibouti, Guinée Conakry, Madagascar, Mali, Niger, Portugal, Senegal, Viêt-nam.    

A Senior consultant for major UN and bilateral agencies, I have wide expertise in evaluation of national population policies and in the design and implementation of international programmes in the field of population and development (research, training, dissemination activities) in Africa and in South-East Asia.

One of the funding members (1985-) of the Revue Européenne des Migrations Internationales, I also created in 1995 the series Populations (L'Harmattan, Paris) and in 2009 Demographic Transformation and Socio-Economic Development  (Springer). 

Major Recent publications (2009-2014)


Yves Charbit, 2009. Economic, Social and Demographic Thought in the XIXth Century. The Population Debate from Malthus to Marx. Springer, 189 p.

Yves Charbit, 2010. The Classical Foundations of Population Thought from Plato to Quesnay, Springer, 2010, 179 p.

Yves Charbit and Maryse Gaimard, 2014. La bombe démographique en question, Paris, PUF, 169 p.

Yves Charbit, Susana Borda, Marie Brochard eds., 2014. Interdisciplinarités émergentes en sciences humaines et sociales, L’Harmattan, 138 p.

Articles published in peer reviewed journals

Yves Charbit and Véronique Petit, 2011. Toward a Comprehensive Demography: Rethinking the Research Agenda on Change and Response, Population and Development Review, 37(2) : 219-240,

Véronique Petit and Yves Charbit, 2012. The French School of Demography. Contextualizing Demographic Analysis, Population and Development Revie. Special issue: 305–316

Chapters of Books

Yves Charbit and Mababou Kebe, 2010. Croissance démographique, fécondité et éducation en Afrique sub-saharienne, in Fouad Nohra ed. Politiques éducatives, émancipation humaine et inégalités sociales dans les pays en développement,L’Harmattan, pp. 27-38.

Yves Charbit, 2013. La crise de 1846-1850 en France. Quels enseignements pour l’Afrique ? in Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos, Véronique Petit, Nelly Robin, dir. Crises et migrations, Paris l’Harmattan, 2013, pp. 45-62. 

Yves Charbit and Véronique Petit, 2012. Culture, rationalité et démographie compréhensive, in Erwan Dianteil, Hommage à Marshall Sahlins, 2012, Paris, pp.187-200.

Yves Charbit, 2014. Mettre en œuvre l’interdisciplinarité dans la recherche sur la fécondité et la migration, in Yves Charbit, Susan Borda, Marie Brochard eds, Interdisciplinarités émergentes en sciences humaines et sociales, colloque du CODOCE,Paris, l’Harmattan, pp.9-18
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