Dr Susan MacDougall

Postdoctoral Affiliate

Susan MacDougall is a social anthropologist specializing in gender and ethics in the Middle East. Her research focuses on the social and embodied dimensions of self-cultivation in the Arab world.

Her doctoral thesis, Domestic Interiors: Gender, Ethics, and Friendship in Jordan, based on nearly three years of fieldwork in East Amman, Jordan, looked at the role of moral ambiguity in shaping women’s approach to everyday practices of visiting, cooking, self care, and friendship. Her current research looks at the role of self-management techniques in localization efforts in the Arab Gulf. Both projects are concerned with the importance of self-observation for basic social participation. She has received support from the Wenner-Gren Foundation, the Fulbright Foundation, and SAME.

Selected Publications

2016 'Ethnography: Deviation'. In “Correspondences: Ethnography,” edited by Susan MacDougall, Cultural Anthropology.

2014 'Will You Marry My Son? Ethnography, Culture, and the Performance of Gender', Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford – Online 7, no.1: 25-38.

2014 'Is Work on the Virtuous Self a Group Project?', Anthropology News Online.

2012 'Refugees from Inside the System: Iraqi Divorcees in Jordan', Refuge: Canada’s Periodical on Refugees 28, no. 1: 37-48. 

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