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Islam and Law in Lebanon Sharia within and without the State

De-centring Shii Islam

Making a centre in the periphery: the legitimation of Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah's Beirut Marjaiyya


Donor Human Milk for Muslim Infants in the United Kingdom

Donor human milk for Muslim infants in the UK.

After the Ayatollah: Institutionalisation and Succession in the marja'iyya of Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Fadl Allāh

'Islamic bioethics' in tra nsnational perspective

Legalism and the care of the self: shari'ah discourse in contemporary Lebanon

The Social Politics of Islamic Bioethics

Cough sweets and angels: the ordinary ethics of the extraordinary in Sufi practice in Lebanon

Islam And New Kinship Reproductive Technology and the Shariah in Lebanon

Integrity and commitment in the anthropology of Islam

Shari‘a courts and Muslim family law in Lebanon

Islamic bioethics and religious politics in Lebanon on Hizbullah and arts

The judge as tragic hero: Judicial ethics in Lebanon's shari'a courts

Mutuality and immediacy between marja' and muqallid: evidence from male IVF patients in Shi'i Lebanon

Neo-Calligraphy: Religious Authority and Media Technology in Contemporary Shiite Islam

New kinship, Islam, and the liberal tradition: sexual morality and new reproductive technology in Lebanon

Children of the revolution: Ayatollah Khamene'i's 'liberal' views on in vitro fertilisation

The modernity of milk kinship*

Closeness in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Debating Kinship and Biomedicine in Lebanon and the Middle East

Kinship, Propriety and Assisted Reproduction in the Middle East

Islam, kinship and new reproductive technology

Shiite perspectives on kinship and new reproductive technology

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