Migration Studies

The MSc in Migration Studies is a 9-month interdisciplinary degree offered jointly by the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography and the Department for International Development.

In recent decades human mobility has developed new dynamics and poses new social, economic and political challenges. The University of Oxford has played a leading role in the emerging field of migration research. The Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) is already a centre of gravity in Migration Studies within the UK. The establishment of COMPAS complemented the already-established Refugee Studies Centre (RSC), founded in 1982, and in 2006 the International Migration Institute (IMI) was established. Between them, the three centres have over 25 full-time researchers and draw in many more across the University.

MSc Migration Studies

This interdisciplinary nine-month masters introduces students to key concepts, research and analysis in the economics, politics, sociology and anthropology of migration. It enables students to understand the nature of both internal and international migration and its role as an intrinsic part of broader processes of development, social change and globalisation, in order to gain a more theoretical and comprehensive understanding of human mobility.

Offered jointly by the School of Anthropology and the Oxford Department of International Development, the course draws on the intellectual resources of its two parent departments and the three world-leading migration research centres at Oxford (COMPAS,IMI and RSC).

The MSc in Migration Studies prepares students to work in an expanding area of international and policy concern. It also offers students social science training that will facilitate progression to doctoral studies in the University of Oxford and elsewhere.

The degree has four main taught components, in addition to a 15,000 word dissertation:

  • international migration in the social sciences;
  • migration, globalisation and social transformation;
  • thematic and regional options;
  • methods in social research.

Further information about the MSc Migration Studies and how to apply

Any enquiries about the MSc in Migration Studies should be addressed to the MSc Course Co-ordinator at: msc-migrationstudies@qeh.ox.ac.uk

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