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The DPhil in Anthropology trains students in the preparation of independent and original research in Anthropology. You will develop your scholarly communication of the results of such research and prepare for academic employment in social and cultural anthropology or related fields, or in a professional environment where sensitivity to cross-cultural variability is required.

You will develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts, techniques, principles and theories in social and cultural or cognitive and evolutionary anthropology and apply it in designing and implementing an original and independent plan of research. This may be through fieldwork with human subjects, though this is not compulsory.  You will have the opportunity to use research methods of anthropology, including qualitative and quantitative aspects (which can include statistical methods and, where appropriate, mathematical modelling) and to present the results of your research in a well written, carefully argued thesis.

As a DPhil student you will undertake your own original research project under the guidance of your supervisor, with whom you will be in regular contact and who you will typically meet at least two to three times a term. Your supervisor will help develop and guide your project and  provide feedback. You will work on your own extensively however, and will need a high level of motivation. 

Details of the course structure are here.

Details of the DPhil in Migration Studies can be found here.




Professor Stanley Ulijaszek is the Doctoral Admissions and Research Convenor

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