IT Support

For help and advice please email the IT department at or in an emergency call on +44 (0) 1865 274629 or visit us in the basement of 51 Banbury Road.

Staff Members: Robert Highman (IT Manager), 

Central IT Services provide welcome information here;  To check the status of central IT services (Nexus, Weblearn etc.) please see here; Data Support Services for Researchers is available here, which contains a wealth of helpful advice and resources to support your work.

IT Services provide a range of services to support you in Oxford. A full list of services is available here; Key amongst these are: Nexus emailOxford Single Sign On (SSO)Wifi, Canvas and Weblearn.To get the most from IT in Oxford you will need to do some reading!

Use of the School's IT equipment and network is governed by the following rules and policies: University Regulations for Computer UseUniversity Information Security PolicySchool Information Security Policy.

We appreciate that this is a lot of information to read through and that real world adherence to such policies is sometimes difficult to achieve. However, in the event of an information security incident the ramifications for you and the University could be significant. It is not a defence in law to say that you are unaware of the policies by which you are bound.

If you are working with personal data or other sensitive data types and have any questions of concerns, please email and we will be happy to help.

Please do not change or move any of the computers or give your credentials to other users. If there is software that is essential to your work that you do not have please raise it with your unit IT Committee representative so that demand can be captured:

ISCA: Kate Atherton; ICEA: Diana Delamer; COMPAS: Nathan Grassi; InSIS: Antonella Surdi; Human Sciences: Sarah-Jane White.

Data Storage and Backup: All staff and students are allocated secure space on the Anthropology server (your home drive usually 'N' or 'H'). This is backed up nightly. Please use these network drives when using department computers. The hard disks in the computers are not backed up.

The University provides two wireless networks - OWL and Eduroam. Both are available in all Anthropology buildings and are widely available throughout the University. See here for more information.

Please bear in mind the following with regard to your personal laptop: 

All workstations are purchased through IT Support. The standard is a Dell desktop with Windows 7 and approved and licensed software already installed by IT Support. This includes Office 2010, Adobe Reader, PDF converter Pro, NVivo, Endnote, 7Zip and Sophos.

Other software can be installed under our University licensing and includes such software as SPSS.

Additional software will require a licence to be purchased through IT.

Please see Section 9 'Software' if requesting software.


Student Common Room, Basement at 43 Banbury Road: 2 computers and a printer, the computers are available to all students on a daily first come, first served basis. You logon to these computers using your University SSO username and password.

Institute for Human Sciences, 58a Banbury Road: 2 computers on a first come, first served basis. You logon to these computers using your University SSO username and password.

Library 51-53 Banbury Road: There is a computer provided in the library for checking e-mail and printing. This uses your Bodleian credentials  

DPhil/Postdoc Rooms: There are several DPhil/Postdoc rooms based in 'research units' of the School. These are allocated by a combination of the unit or the Joint Consultative Committee depending on status.

The School currently has a concessionary scheme of free printing for students. This applies to student printers provided by SAME, which includes the common room printer in 43 Banbury Road and COMPAS's ground floor multi-function printer in 58 Banbury Road. It does not include the student multi-function printer in the basement of 51 Banbury Road, which is managed by the Bodleian and over which the School has no control. NB: The scheme has a generous upper limit of free printing per student; since the scheme is concessionary, not statutory, it may be varied or withdrawn by the School at any time at its sole discretion. 

To request software, please send an email to IT Support in the usual way giving as much information about your request as possible. Usually we will action the request as soon as we can bearing in mind the following:

When new software is requested that contains functionality that cannot be fulfilled by existing applications and

  • The licencing is suitable
  • Any costs have been agreed
  • The software can be installed and updated easily

Then we will endeavour to respond to requests within our usual service levels (3 working days for non-critical requests).

When there is an existing precedent to not install specific applications due to

  • Licensing
  • Cost
  • Updating the software is problematic

IT will seek advice from an ad-hoc IT Committee 'software approval' group. This group will be made up of: IT Manager, Head of School, Chair of IT Committee and the Heads of Finance and Administration. This will be a virtual meeting, usually by email.