Megan Beardmore-Herd

megan student photo


DPhil Student

St Cross College

Thesis: In the Face of Change: The Effects of Major Ecological Shifts on Primates in the Impacted Environment of Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique

Research interests: My background is in biological anthropology, with an emphasis on human evolution and primatology. For my DPhil research, I am using remote detection methods to investigate the effects of seasonality, major climatic events, and changes in the landscape of fear on vervet monkeys and baboons in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. Beyond increasing knowledge of primate behavioural ecology, I will use my research to inform understanding of how ecological change could have shaped the lives and evolution of our own lineage. My project is one of many being conducted within the Primate Models for Behavioural Evolution Lab in the Institute of Human Sciences here at the University of Oxford.

Research key words: Biological anthropology, human evolution, primatology, behavioural ecology



Supervisors: Professor Susana Carvalho and Professor Julia Fischer