Professor Judith Okely

Judith Okely receiving the Seal of the City of Pilsen, Czech Republic, from the mayor (2011). 

Research Affiliate

(BA, MA, DPhil Oxon) Emeritus Professor of Anthropology


Research Interests

Judith Okely's research interests include Gypsies/Travellers. Party to a Marie Curie EU grant, she mentored anthropologists visiting Oxford with research on Roma and taught the Roma course at the CEU, Budapest. Current research interests include anthropologists' field methods. Her forthcoming Anthropological Practice draws on extended dialogues with 20 anthropologists (of 16 nationalities), having done individual fieldwork around the globe. Her recent publications also include gender issues.

Since 2008, Professor Okely has lectured in Poland, Finland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and given Conference presentations in Belfast, Bristol, Cambridge and San Franciso. She has also given distinguished lectures at the LSE and Helsinki. Her position as Research Associate is complemented as deputy director of IGS, Queen Elizabeth House. This has entailed mentoring visiting fellows, convening anthropology seminars and assisting in the Refugee Studies Centre conference on Romani mobilities. She has lectured on Simone de Beauvoir and supervised a Bulgarian Roma's dissertaton for the MSt in Womens' Studies.

In 2011, Judith was awarded a medal by the Faculty of Philosophy, University of West Bohemia, as a ‘World Scholar’ and also received the Seal of the City of Pilsen, in the Czech Republic, from the mayor (please see the image on the right).

Recent Publications

2010 'Fieldwork as Free Association and Free Passage' in Ethnographic Practice in the Present, eds M. Melhuss, J. Mitchell and H. Wulff, Berghahn.

2009. Reply to Amy Pollard 'Field of Screams' in Anthropology Matters Vol 11 (2).

2009. 'Written Out and Written In: Inishkillane Remembered' in Irish Journal of Anthropology Vol 12 (2).

2009. 'The Traveller-Gypsies' extract reprinted in Making Sense of Death, Dying and Bereavement: An Anthology, eds S. Earle, C. Bartholomew and C. Komaromy, Sage.

2008. 'Knowing without Notes' in co-edited Knowing how to Know, eds N. Halstead, E. Hirsch and J. Okely, Berghahn.
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