Professor Matthew Erie

Matthew Erie

Matthew S. Erie (J.D., Ph.D.) is an Associate Professor, Member of the Law Faculty, and Associate Research Fellow of the Socio-Legal Studies Centre at the University of Oxford. Professor Erie is trained in both law and anthropology and studies comparative Asian law, including the relationship between Anglo-American law and Asian law. Specifically, he has written on Chinese domestic law (e.g., property law, constitutional law, dispute resolution, and anti-corruption law), Islamic law (property, financial, personal status, and family law), and international law (e.g., dispute resolution, conflict of laws, and investment law). His work has either appeared in or is forthcoming in such journals as the Alabama Law Review, Harvard International Law Journal, American Journal of International Law Unbound, Yale International Law Journal, Virginia Journal of International Law, American Journal of Comparative Law, Chinese Journal of Comparative Law, Asia Pacific Law Review, Law and Social Inquiry, and American Ethnologist. His first book, China and Islam: The Prophet, the Party, and Law (Cambridge University Press, 2016), is the first ethnographic study of the relationship between sharia and state law in China. His current research project “China, Law and Development,” funded by a European Research Council Starting Grant (€1.5 million), examines China’s approach to international law and the legal and regulatory systems of host states receiving Chinese capital. He is currently working on a number of book projects which grow out of this project.

Professor Erie is a faculty member of the Oriental Institute. For more information, please click here.