Professor Robert Barnes

Robert Barnes

Emeritus Professor


North American and Southeast Asian social anthropology, idigenous whaling, number use, political, economic and religious systems.

He has published books and article on three separate communities on the islands of Lembata and Adonara in eastern Indonesia, where he has spent over five years in five different decades. He has also published a book and articles on North American cultures. He interest have and do cover the range of what human beings do, including descent and marriage alliance, economy, modes of thought, the creation of a middle class, population history, whaling, oral and written history, conflict, warfare, and much more. He is currently ushering a dictionary of an unrecorded eastern Indonesia language through a press and ordering and reading hundreds of ancient Dutch documents on regional history. 


2005, Robert Barnes, Two Crows denies it: a history of controversy in Omaha sociology, University of Nebraska Press: Lincoln, Nebraska.

1996, Robert Barnes, Sea Hunters of Indonesia: Fishers and Weavers of Lamalera, Clarendon Press: Oxford.

1975, Robert Barnes, Josef Kohler, On the prehistory of marriage, totemism, group marriage, mother right, University of Chicago Press: Chicago.

1974, Robert Barnes, Kédang: a study of the collective thought of an eastern Indonesian people, The Clarendon Press: Oxford.