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Currency and Conflict in Colonial Nigeria

Narrating history and anthropology: J.D.Y. Peel's 'the past in the present'

Policing boundaries: The cultural work of African policing

Creole pioneers in the Nigerian provincial press

Ethnographies of Uncertainty in Africa

Ethnographies of Uncertainty in Africa: An Introduction

The precariousness of prebendalism

Retroversion, introversion, extraversion: three aspects of African anthropology

Retroversion, Introversion, Extraversion: Three Aspects of African Anthropology

Bodies of power: Narratives of selfhood & security in Nigeria

'The thief eats his shame': Practice and power in Nigerian vigilantism

Global Vigilantes

Global vigilantes: perspectives on justice and violence

Introduction - The politics of protection: Perspectives on vigilantism in Nigeria

Masking youth: Transformation and transgression in annang performance

The man-leopard murders: History and society in Colonial Nigeria

The 'rugged life': Youth and violence in southern Nigeria

Michel de Certeau: Ethnography and the challenge of plurality

Mystics and missionaries: Narratives of the spirit movement in Eastern Nigeria

Man-Leopard Murders : History and Society in Colonial Nigeria

Singing thieves: history and practice in Nigerian popular justice

The District Clerk and the 'Man-Leopard Murders': Mediating Law and Authority in Colonial Nigeria

The politics of vigilance in southeastern Nigeria

Conversion, Conquest and the Qua Iboe Mission

Business and politics in São Tomé e Príncipe: From cocoa monoculture to petro-state

Return to the Roots? Urban Networks, Rural Development and Power in Sudan’

Local Institutional Development and Relief in Ethiopia: A Kire-based Seed Distribution Programme in North Wollo

Reconstructing community: the intermediary role of Sahelian Associations in processes of migration and rural development

Bamako Bound: The Social Organization of Migration in Mali

'Return to the Roots': Processes of Legitimacy in Sudanese Migrant Associations

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