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Public Expressions of Trust and Distrust in Governmental Dietary Advice in Sweden

Governance by campaign: the co-constitution of food issues, publics and expertise through new information and communication technologies

Feeding the extended family: gender, generation, and socioeconomic disadvantage in food provision to children

Latin American countries lead in Google search volumes for anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa: Implications for global mental health research.

Picky eating in Swedish preschoolers of different weight status: application of two new screening cut-offs.

Anthropological Perspectives on Eating Disorders: Deciphering Cultural Logics.

Striving for liminality: Eating disorders and social suffering.

Perceived child eating behaviours and maternal migrant background

Perceived child eating behaviours and maternal migrant background.

Distinct and Untamed: Articulating Bulimic Identities.

Stakeholder responses to governmental dietary guidelines: Challenging the status quo, or reinforcing it?

Water, juice, or soda? Mothers and grandmothers of preschoolers discuss the acceptability and accessibility of beverages.

Digital food activism: Values, expertise and modes of action

Introduction: Digital food activism - food transparency one byte/bite at a time?

Controlling feeding practices and maternal migrant background: an analysis of a multicultural sample.

Associations between maternal sense of coherence and controlling feeding practices: The importance of resilience and support in families of preschoolers.

Mobile activism, material imaginings, and the ethics of the edible: Framing political engagement through the Buycott app

Becoming fit to be a mother: class, learning, and redemption in Supersize vs Superskinny

A question of balance: Explaining differences between parental and grandparental perspectives on preschoolers' feeding and physical activity.

Associations between Parental Concerns about Preschoolers' Weight and Eating and Parental Feeding Practices: Results from Analyses of the Child Eating Behavior Questionnaire, the Child Feeding Questionnaire, and the Lifestyle Behavior Checklist.

'The body remembers': narrating embodied reconciliations of eating disorder and recovery.

Binge eating as a meaningful experience in bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa: a qualitative analysis.

Configuring relations of care in an online consumer protection organization

Choreographing lived experience: dance, feelings and the storytelling body.

Dietary Sugars and Health

"A little on the heavy side": a qualitative analysis of parents' and grandparents' perceptions of preschoolers' body weights.

An embodied belonging: Amenorrhea and anorexic subjectivities

From abject eating to abject being: Representations of obesity on 'Supersize vs. Superskinny'

Body image among eating disorder patients with disabilities: a review of published case studies.

Between difference and belonging: configuring self and others in inpatient treatment for eating disorders.

Eating Disorders During Compulsory Service in the Israeli Defense Forces

Introduction: Obesity, eating disorders and the media

Obesity, eating disorders and the media


"Those comments last forever": parents and grandparents of preschoolers recount how they became aware of their own body weights as children.

Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa

Moving from knowledge to action: A qualitative study of Elite Coaches' capacity for early intervention in cases of eating disorders

Abject Relations: Everyday Worlds of Anorexia. By Megan Warin. Pp. 248. (Rutgers University Press, London, 2009.) US$23.95, ISBN 978-0-8135-4690-2, paperback; US$72.00, ISBN 978-0-8135-4689-6, hardback.

Feeding anorexia: Gender and power at a treatment center.

Feeding Anorexia: Gender and Power at a Treatment Center. By Helen Gremillion. Pp. 304. (Duke University Press, Durham, NC, USA, 2003.) £16.95, ISBN 0-8223-3120-9, paperback.

Corporeal: Exploring the Material Dynamics of Embodiment

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